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I get to use the Cambridge University Library these days which I have to say is a pretty nice privilege if you can swing it. Perhaps that’s why i seem to be reminiscing more about student days.

I seem to remember that back in the day, we students seemed to organise all sorts of interesting things, many very successful. Some were just for fun, others were pretty serious, the best had some of both. There was a lot of energy and a pretty good amount of conversation, and a lot was organised. Somehow, a bunch of bright and not pliable characters could collaborate effectively.

I can’t remember anyone talking much about either leadership* and even less about management. There might be complaints about people and things, but no discussions about these ideas as abstractions.. And yet things seemed to get done. To this day, I find long discussions about these supposed qualities tedious. A lot of the time they seem to involve suggesting that people can be easily manipulated. I instinctively distrust anyone who seems to think he/she is good at either.

*Well actually, student politicians would throw the word around, but usually it was just a code for people they approved of (they had it); or to support unpopular ideas they wanted to impose (they were just being leaders!). That sort of thing.

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