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I’m Johnnie Moore, and I help people work better together

I’m trying out a couple of new bits of software. The first is ecto, an offline blog editor. Previously, I have tried Zempt which was pretty good but would occasionally not work. ecto seems a bit more sophisticated with some nice touches including a WYSIWYG preview which can refer to the site’s stylesheet. I’ll see if I feel like paying for it in two weeks. Thanks to Rob Paterson for the tipoff.

I’m also trying out Klipfolio, a neat information update… thingy. You program it to track newsites, rss feeds, mailboxes, weather reports etc. Has a nice user interface and it’s free. Thanks to Robert Scoble for mentioning it.

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Johnnie Moore

links for 2010-03-09

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Johnnie Moore

Incremental innovation

Carl Franzen describes how scientists captured the first picture of atoms vibrating in a molecule. What caught my eye was that the technique used has been around for some years.

Johnnie Moore

Coffeehouse challenge

In response to my last post my friend Michael Ambjorn let me know about an interesting evening event about personalised learning. It’s in Chelmsford on October 9th. Here’s the theme:

Johnnie Moore

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