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Johnnie Moore Update

January 2007


My irregular updates have become very irregular - this is the first I've written for 11 months.

Apologies for the silence, I suppose I must have been busy!

Open Sourcing your Marketing

James Cherkoff and I have had lots of fun developing our open source marketing consultancy, which has taken us to the states as well as working with several blue-chips in the UK.

We've recently published Co-Creation Rules. This manifesto sets out our ideas for how organisations can create lively marketing in the era of the networked, informed customer. You can download it free from ChangeThis. Or visit it in wiki format here

Here's how the manifesto opens...

We no longer live in a world where people instinctively trust authority.

As much social research shows, we’d rather trust our own instincts and the information we learn from our friends. For organisations and brands, this ain’t Kansas anymore. In our social world, it’s better to be talked about by others than to try to out-shout the crowd.

If we have to choose between engagement and control, we prefer engagement. We think that organisations in the future will do well to have the same preference when it comes to dealing with their own people and their customers.

Customer experience is not something to be controlled. It’s is a mixture of the organisation’s thinking and the customers’. This can all sound quite chaotic and scary but it shouldn’t. In many ways Co-Creation is a return to very human values that intuitively seem right.

This manifesto is a starter-for-ten. It’s taken from our experiences working with companies managing co-creative projects of various different sizes and shapes. Some are just dipping a toe in the shallow end but some have committed to company-wide programmes.

Facilitation and coaching

Last year I facilitated conferences in the UK and US, ranging in size from senior managment retreats of 20 people, to a conference for 300 key decision makers in public radio in America. Clients have included the BBC, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, NPR and Channel 4.

Here I am during my keynote at a conference for the Danish Post Office last September.

Highlights from my blog

I'm just going to highlight my favourite YouTube videos of the last few months...

Brokeback to the Future

Silent Star Wars

Micheal Jackson's "Thriller" - rendered entirely in Lego