A tale of two CEOs

Johnnie Moore

Johnnie Moore

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The egonomics blog contrasts two responses by CEOs to the question: what did you first do on getting to the Executive Suite?

First Mulally (Ford): “I always keep a camera around. So I had someone take my picture against one window where you could see GM headquarters in the distance, and out another window where Chrysler’s headquarter is in the distance. And then I e-mailed them to my family.”

By the way, Mulally’s compensation for his first four months of work in 2006 was$39.1 million, a year whenFord posted a $12.7 billion loss.

Next, Kindler: “I promptly agreed to meet with everyone who has Outlook calendar capabilities–most of the free world, it seemed–but more to the point, I ate lunch in the cafeteria with employees and met with people in their offices instead of having them come to my office.”

Egonomics concludes

Who would you bet will be the CEO that leads their company from good to great? My money’s on Kindler.

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