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Tom Heureman quotes Dr Seuss: The stories of King Looie Katz, the Katz that follow him and the one that challenges the status quo. A good example of how authenticity begins with an individual act...
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Paul Goodison’s been blogging about Tim Kitchen’s chapter from Beyond Branding. He picks up on a Dr Seuss quote, which has reminded me of another great Seuss reference this one cited by Tom Heuerman:

Dr. Seuss wrote of King Looie Katz, a proud king in the world of Katzenstein. King Looie was especially proud of his royal tail and did not want it to drag on the ground and get dirty. So he commanded Kooie Katz to walk behind him and carry his tail. All was well until Kooie realized that his fine tail was dragging in the dirt. His pride was hurt. So Kooie made a cat named Chooie follow him around, and Chooie Katz kept Kooie’s tail from dragging on the ground. On and on it went until all the cats in Katzenstein were hiking round and round all keeping one another’s tails from dragging on the ground. They felt proud to be so special except Zooie Katzen-bein who was the last cat in line. No one was left to carry her tail. Zooie was awful mad, and she did a brave thing. She yelled, “I quit!” and slammed the tail of Prooie Katz on the ground. Then all the other cats did the same thing until each cat held its own tail. Since then the cats of Katzenstein have been more grown up and democratic than before. All movements to new realities begin with individual acts of courageous authenticity.

Fabulous stuff! It’s all too easy to wait for other people to take risks… for me, some of the best moments come when I risk speaking my deeper thoughts or feelings.

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