I’m in New York and getting the usual buzz from being here. Going to investigate Birdbath this afternoon, and have some free time over the weekend if anyone reading this is in the area and feeling sociable…


I’m expecting to be in New York at the end of next week and free to meet up over the weekend of 28/9 June if anyone’s interested…

Interesting job alert

As you may know, I’m currently doing some work for NESTA and in particular its NESTA Connect programme. NESTA has been through a bit of a transformation in recent months and is doing some good stuff based on getting people together to support innovation. They’ve certainly hosted some good events featuring some of the many […]

Deepening friendships

One of the great things about Banff was the chance to deepen friendships with folks I know almost entirely from blogging. Patti Digh gave a terrific presentation with her partner, David Robinson. It was very experiential and it’s hard to do it justice in words. They succeeded in bringing a great deal of depth to […]

Inner game?

I’m blogging this from Terminal 3 at Heathrow, on my way to Calgary (then by road to Banff). I’m looking forward to a few days hanging around with improv folks and enjoying not being in Britain for a bit. Heathrow is busy as ever but I think they’ve improved the speed of security a lot, […]

Heading for the mountains

Well, judging by my writing style of yesterday, I need a holiday. So it’s good that I’m taking one. I’ve just booked my flights to Banff in the Rockies for the Applied Improv conference. It’ll be a chance to catch up with blog-friends including Andrew Rixon and Patti Digh. The best part will probably be […]

Travel update

I’m back from New Zealand (where my blogging was pretty light as you may have noticed). I’m starting to think of it as my second home. It’s a remarkably uncrowded place, a massive contrast to London life. Each time I’ve flown into Christchurch, the first person I’ve seen on the airbridge is a uniformed official. […]

Off on hols

I’m blogging this from Heathrow where I’m en route to New Zealand for a holiday away from it all. I’m looking forward to watching the tide go in and out of Cable Bay near Nelson. I’ll probably be visiting Wellington briefly to see Dr Yan and then having a few days in Christchurch.

Bog update

It was funny to have people come up to me at the conference yesterday to ask me how if my loo was working yet. The joys of blogging. For those who care, we’re making progress with a new macerator due for installation tomorrow.

Lunch and conversation and capture

I had a great lunch yesterday with Chris Corrigan Richard Oliver, Kevin McLean and his partner. Kevin blogged it better than I could here. Loosely related, I’ve been thinking how often I hear people at meetings concerned with capturing knowledge and capturing outcomes. I wonder if there is some other need being expressed, as so […]