Podcast: marketing, bananas and more

Last week I had a great conversation with Hugh Macleod and Mark Earls (author of Welcome to the Creative Age and more recently Herd.) We talked about lots of stuff loosley related to Marketing 2.0, especially social objects and how the old idea of branding is looking a bit unconvincing. We managed to weave in […]

Jaw-jaw about War-Warcraft

Tom Guarriello had a chat with me the other day about my addiction to World of Warcraft. He’s now uploaded it as a podcast – Part One and Part Two.

Podcast: Shadow in Organisations (part 2)

Here’s part 2 of my podcast conversation with Annette Clancy and Matt Moore. You’ll find part 1 here. Our chat about the shadow side of organisations branches off here into looking at the role played by Knowledge Management (and Human Resources) in organisations. What part do they play in managing the shadow side of the […]

Podcast: the shadow side of organisations

Last week Annette Clancy Matt Moore and I had a conversation about the shadow side of organisations. Sometimes when people talk about the shadow it conjures up a scary idea of dark, unexplored nastiness. In fact, I think looking at the shadow often reveals stuff which can be very energising. The three of us kick […]

Podcast: The impact of images

Last week I recorded an interview with Tom Guarriello in Connecticut and Thomas Madsen-Mygdal in Copenhagen. We were talking about the impact of the rise of digital imagery on society and organisations. Tom’s been following YouTube with close interest since it started and is a regular video blogger. Thomas is a serial entrepreneur as well […]

The language of facilitation

Last week I recorded a conversation with Tom Guarriello and Andrew Rixon about the language of facilitation. This was prompted by the research Andrew has published on this subject. It’s a suitably non-linear conversation touching on lots of themes – the power of metaphor the role of narrative and the impact of body language and […]

Fireside chat with Lisa Haneberg

Lisa invited me to do one of her fireside chat podcasts the other day, which was fun. You can download/stream it here. We talk about facilitation and how I got into it; what its got to do with marketing; the idea of inviting a challenge; improv ideas like “Yes And”; being comfortable with discomfort; the […]

Talkin’ co-creation

Neville Hobson and Shel Holz did an interview with John Windsor and me as part of Corante’s Innovative Marketing Conference here in New York. The theme was co-creation. You can download it here. I’ve podcast with Nev and Shel before and it was nice to be able to do this in person.

Prosper: another eBay for money

A few days ago James and I chatted over Skype with Chris Larsen and John Witchel of Prosper. They are, like Zopa (to whom we spoke in February), a new online marketplace for people to lend and borrow money, person-to-person. A kind of eBay for money. The Prosper model puts more emphasis on group forming, […]

Podcast: Zopa Revisited

A few days ago James and I revisited two of the founders of Zopa James Alexander and Dave Nicholson. Zopa is the “eBay for money” who I first podcast about in April 2005. We’ve produced an edited version of our new conversation as another podcast. We spoke to them in a noisy Italian cafe in […]