Chris Corrigan on living systems

Rob and I did our latest Phoric podcast with Chris Corrigan, who was pretty awesome. Chris never fails to provoke and engage and his choice of videos was fascinating. The first features a guy who learnt how to move huge stones using small ones. He shows how on his own he can move a one-ton […]

Social media, mockery et al

This afternoon Tom Guarriello and I shot the breeze about the Shel Israel puppet story. Sorry, no shownotes for this one. We covered a fair bit of ground: what comic influences do we see here; is the British take on this kind of satire more indulgent; is there a line to be drawn between comedy […]

Knowledge Management, Apparently

Our seventh phoric podcast (originally scheduled for April 1) is out. Rob and I were privileged to host Dr David Vaine of Apparently Knowledge Management. He is a true thought-leader in the area of KM. Hear how his Architecting Space for Sharing (ASS) and Wisdom Managment Programme (WIMP) help businesses avoid the promiscuous knowledge sharing […]

The pitfalls of confidentiality

Annette Clancy’s recent post on the pitfalls of confidentiality in client relationships prompted her Matt Moore and me to record a podcast chat about it this afternoon. Download the Podcast – 29m – MP3 (9 MB) Podcast RSS feed Annette has posted it on her blog and I’m repeating here for regular listeners. Annette’s done […]

Podcast: Touch, organisations and Capt Mainwaring

Is touch – physical and emotional – a taboo subject in organisations? Why are we so sensitive about it? What is about things “touchy-feely” that seem to make people well, touchy? I recorded this podcast earlier today with Patrick Lambe and Mark Earls. Patrick wrote a provocative post on the subject a few weeks ago […]

Phoric 6

Rob and I chatted to Matt Moore on the Phoric yesterday. Matt’s a bit of a force of nature and our 10 minute format went out the window! Matt also went down the music video route and some clips I would never normally look at – but they are very thought-provoking. In the chat we […]

More Hugh and the Rabbi

Hugh’s just posted the latest Hugh and the Rabbi Podcast with Hugh Pinny Mark and yours truly. Hugh’s also written some good show notes which I appreciate as I know that’s harder work than it looks and a good aide memoire for me of the chat. We ramble around fairly shamelessly, but do get to […]

Euan’s Phoric

Rob and I did our fifth Phoric podcast on Friday with Euan Semple. As with the other guests, Euan picks three youtubes and talks about what excites him about them. And as with other guests, this proves to be the launchpad for a great conversation – in this case drifting toward the future of broadcasting […]


I’ve found myself referring to love in two recent podcasts. (The latest Hugh and the Rabbi, soon to be released and the fourth Phoric, with guest Alex Kjerulf.) Both times I expressed my caution about banding this term around, as it seems a charged word, and one that I’ve seen often used to describe something […]

Hugh and the Rabbi

Hugh Macleod has put up a podcast of a chat he had with me Mark Earls and Pinny Gniwisch. We kick around a few different ideas starting with the debate about influencers. Towards the end, I squeeze in an anecdote about Charles Laughton. Listening, I realised I didn’t quite get the end line as I […]