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Johnnie Moore

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Our seventh phoric podcast (originally scheduled for April 1) is out.

Rob and I were privileged to host Dr David Vaine of Apparently Knowledge Management. He is a true thought-leader in the area of KM. Hear how his Architecting Space for Sharing (ASS) and Wisdom Managment Programme (WIMP) help businesses avoid the promiscuous knowledge sharing and generally prevent social software from doing anything to disrupt hierarchy.

Among the highlights: Dr Vaine explaining the chief virtue of transparency: the ability for everyone to know their place. The insight that “it’s really most important to make sure people do not feel comfortable in their own skin” and “if you put people down put them down humanely”.

As I say at the end Dr V really does put the Apparently into KM.

Click to Listen Download the Podcast

Showing his mastery of the tools Dr V made his own video of his performance which shows him off to even greater advantage.

And thanks to Patrick Lambe for persuading the good Doctor to share his wisdom with us.

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