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Podcast: Viv McWaters

Johnnie Moore

Johnnie Moore

I’m Johnnie Moore, and I help people work better together

This morning I recorded a podcast with Viv McWaters. Viv’s a fellow facilitator and we shot the breeze about a few common interests.

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Some of the stuff we covered:

GFC: Global Financial Crisis or Geelong Football Club

The pitfalls of strategic planning and the need for it to be The Truth. Dealing with our need for control and the lessons of losing the car keys.

Roland Harwood of NESTA’s model of conversations relationships then transactions

The dilemma in the audience: we know what we should be doing but we’re doing the other thing because it’s someone else’s agenda

Does this get you in the gut?

Bush fires and facilitation in recovery..

Responding to the global economic crisis.. trust leaders or go peer-to-peer… the idea behind We20

Going from filter then publish to publish then filter as a model for media, and taking responsibility for the information you’re receiving

The world is more complex but that doesn’t have to disable us. Human beings can be great at complexity.

Letting go of the need for certainty. Standing on an enormous sea of jello.

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