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I’m Johnnie Moore, and I help people work better together

While I was in Australia I recorded a podcast, pretty much on the spur of the moment, with Geoff Brown and Vic McWaters. We recorded it on a cliff overlooking the WinkiPop surf break nears Bells Beach. It’s a typically rambling performance but if you stick with it, we touch on a few interesting facilitation themes. We get into the idea of surfing as a metaphor for it, explained more by this post by Geoff. Listening to it this morning has been a good reminder for me about the importance of not trying too hard and not trying to be a genius.

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Thought for the day

I quite often hear people calling for more more action and less talk. Strangely, they have never done so in mime.

Johnnie Moore

Consulting 2.0 cont.

I like a good rant so I enjoyed Adriana’s post: MasterSlave Relationship. It is the a warped belief of where they belong in the universe that makes companies’ efforts online

Johnnie Moore

Another day of noticing

Kay Scorah and I enjoyed our first Day of Noticing workshop in Dublin in March. We had some very positive feedback from our first set of participants. So now we’re

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Carman Pirie blogs how an memo from Verizon marked “Proprietary & Confidential. For Internal Use Only.” inevitably got published. The memo’s about how to counter the iPhone. As Carman says,