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Recent posts by "Rich...! and Martin Hattingh spur me to link to John Jay's brilliant exposition of obliquity.
Johnnie Moore

Johnnie Moore

I’m Johnnie Moore, and I help people work better together

Rich…! kicks around some interesting ideas in his seductively titled post “Sex isn’t sexy kissing is” (but sex remains the endgame) He’s responding to Martin Hattingh’s thinking:

Profit? Nah, it doesn’t really interest me per s

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Johnnie Moore

Problems and solutions

Dwight Towers has a short, entertaining and provocative video: the problem solution ratio. He makes great points on how easy it is to wallow in indignation, the dangers of experts

Johnnie Moore

The danger of safety

Stephen Adshead has a nice guest post here: Rationalise like Ford or empathise like Toyota?. He looks at risk management and what happens when rational thinking runs up against us

Johnnie Moore

The leadership delusion?

Phil Dourado also says research shows that bad leaders score themselves highly for leadership on self-assessment tests. Not so surprsing and it makes me wonder: how much of this is

Johnnie Moore

Winer on Dean

I agree with Tony Goodson: What a great piece by Dave Winer on Howard Dean and American Politics and the control of the media… The man is interesting like him