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Knowledge overwhelm

two words overheard in Cambridge... and the shadow of knowledge
Johnnie Moore

Johnnie Moore

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connection often beats explanation

Transcript of this video:

A friend once explained to me that he knew he was living in Cambridge when he overheard just two words between the two men who were walking in front of him.

And the two words were,”and ninthly.”

And I don’t think you have to live in Cambridge these days to be easily overwhelmed by the amount of explaining and knowledge being sent our way.

And in their book “Not Knowing,” Stephen D’Souza and Diana Renner have a great line that goes something like: “Are you aware of the shadow that your knowledge casts on those around you?”

And in my sort of shift from writing long and sometimes slightly smart-alecky blog posts towards these shorter deliberately slightly less polished videos is part of my desire to create a more emotional connection.

And not to lean over much into explanation or indeed trying to impress people because I think the most satisfying human moments, and when I think we get more of our insights, are in these small exchanges that can often be happening, that life is often actually happening, to paraphrase John Lennon, when we might be too busy making other plans.

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