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Johnnie Moore

Johnnie Moore

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I’ve been offline for a few days. The Improv conference has kept me pretty busy and it’s not the sort of event where you want to sit at the back tapping notes into a tablet PC.

This is the third year of the event and it’s undoubtedly been the best yet. A great variety of sessions and the company of an amazingly warm-hearted and playful group of people from places as far flung as Amsterdam Hong Kong and Australia not to mention a solid contingent of fellow Brits and plenty of North Americans.

My enthusiasm for Improv as a way of working in organisations, never far below the surface has been further boosted. It’s an amazing approach for creating possiblity in the space between people. Each year, we learn of new ways organisations are getting into the value of Improv – including (for the status conscious) an awful lot of heavyweight international brands.

My personal highlight was a session on the Joy of Singing. Tone deaf I may think myself, but I had the most amazing and uplifting experience. Including following the instruction to go round the SFO Airport Marriott with teammates, finding random people and inviting them to be sung to – On a Clear Day. OK, not quite Howard Keel but neverthless an amazing way of connecting with one’s fellow man.

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