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I like Hugh’s latest post on The Global Microbrand. My favourite bit:

6. Again, I’ll say it one more time: Blogging is just the tip of the Cluetrain iceberg. And it wasn’t the tip that sunk the Titanic.

My own take on microbranding is to realise that small stuff matters. Too many brands try to bash us over the head with their fixed propositions values statements, idealised lifestyles etc etc. (And we’re just their customers, think what it’s like for people who work there.)

Sitting on my personal pixel here on the bloggy tip of the iceberg, I’d also say it’s an exchange. I try to influence you but you get to influence me. No-one’s in control here; there is no master plan and no grand narrative. When Hugh does a wine bottle with totally different sorts of label front and back, he broke the rules of the wine business and most marketing departments. Except that those rules never existed in the real world, only in our heads. He didn’t do it knowing what the impact would be, it was just an experiment. It’s all an experiment.


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