Keeping up with Tony Goodson

The competitive streak in me means I need to keep with Tony Goodson's blog. The struggles of learning to speak "Movable Type" and thoughts on the nature of blogging.
Johnnie Moore

Johnnie Moore

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tonyrelax small.jpgThere’s no use denying it I have a deep competitive streak at times. As well as severe tendencies to obsessive-compulsive behaviour.

Both of these are showing themselves vis a vis this new blog.

I see that Tony Goodson is really getting the hang of Typepad blogging. He’s fixed his categories so you can view his blog by category. Now I’ve been wanting to do that here… and now he’s done it, I feel I absolutely have to keep up.

Because I’ve gone for Movable Type I’ll have to go wrestle in the support forum for an hour or two. Of course I make things worse for myself by trying to decode answers to other related questions because I’m too impatient to go in there and ask for exactly what I want, and wait an hour or two for some nice person to help. And the obsessive-compulsive in me has some programme running about having to do this for myself… god forbid I ask anyone to help!

But now I’ve blogged these thoughts, which until now were just rattling in my brain, maybe I can think again. Ah, the benefits of blogging… building my relationship with myself!

Anyow, at least I have set up a category for this entry even if it’s not visible to the outside world yet. So the category is “Blogs and networks” which should cover a multitude of sins. And then anyone who is sick of the self-referential blogging on blogging will be able (once I’ve learnt how to fix this) to avoid it.

But has Tony learnt how to embed pictures in his entries? Or how to do extended entries? And what new tricks is he going to come up with to impress me?

Leaving aside my competitive streak, Tony’s blog has come on leaps and bounds. He has always had really great content, partly because he seems to surf to interesting places and mostly because he lets rip with what he really thinks and feels. This is the opposite of conventional marketing which seems mostly about putting on a reassuring face for the customer… but I think having attitude is a big plus in the emerging conversation economy.

But now Tony’s hooked up with a really good blog package, all his material is presented so much better than in his pioneering version. Fantastic stuff.

My friendship with Tony has largely reversed the internet paradigm. It started incredibly human and real and is now mostly virtual. We met in London a few years’ back (and thereby hangs a tale for another day) but he emigrated to Australia a couple of years ago. And thanks to the net, I think our friendship has remained incredibly strong. His blog has played a part in that, always keeping up to speed with what’s going on in his life.

We’ve talked about doing a joint blog somewhere, just to see what happens. I certainly want to create an excuse to work with Tony… we just need a client who needs stuff done in the UK and Oz.

Even as I write, I see I need to create a friends category too. Or should that be mates? Or cobbers?

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