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Google translates compliments well… but strangles a lot of stuff!

Johnnie Moore

Johnnie Moore

I’m Johnnie Moore, and I help people work better together

mr50.jpgAt the NGO conference (blogged yeserday and the day before) I met Martin Roell a German blogger and e-business guru. He’s blogged the event in German so I got a chance to try Google translate which is charmingly erratic. Verna Allee has become Verna Avenue and I am now John Moorlands! This is Google’s somewhat Pythonesque version of Martin’s very nice comment about me:

John moorlands spoke about confidence. We often speak of confidence as of something binary: “I trust him.” “I do not trust him.” We should of confidence much more as somewhat flexible and context depending speak.

Confidence vs. risk. Incoming goods take risks ton identify trustworthy left .

Unbelievably good lecture. One of the sort, which one cannot show in writing at all. Absolute highlight was, as it linked knowledge management and marketing over the confidence. Intuitively I always knew that (why I advise actually with knowledge management and marketing?), but in such a way formulated I had not ever heard that. Beautifully.

For confidence, read “trust”. Well the bit about unbelievably good lecture translated well, didn’t it! Thanks Martin!

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