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Missing the point of twitter

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When people look at Twitter and say, “What’s the point?” it might be better not to answer them.

It strikes me that, “What’s the point?” is often what depressed people ask of life itself. I think it’s a statement dressed up as a question; the statement might be “I feel miserable”. From this place of unhappiness comes this apparent need for life to have a point. I guess at the other extreme, happy people often say they feel their life has purpose, but I wonder if this isn’t the same kind of rationalisation of a feeling.

So many narratives of organisational life seem to start from an assumption about things having to have goals. As if without a goal, nothing happens. But there are other ways to look at life, which see actions as emergent rather than being the result of purposeful decision-making.

Rambling on here, the other thing about points is that they are sharp and focussed. Twitter isn’t a very pointy product, it’s more of a mesh of little connections (my velcro analogy again). It’s not like being poked and prodded, it’s about exposing more surface area for others to connect with.

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