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So the Abbey National is rebranding itself this morning.

As I write this entry, they are revealing their new look, their shortened name (just “Abbey”) and their ambitions…

We’ve got a new look, that you can see here, which emphasises just how the new Abbey is different from the old. Fresh, friendly and colourful, like the way we aim to do business.

Bold stuff. Of course these days any right-minded person is sceptical of rebranding, after abortive exercises like Monday, Consignia and BA’s tailfins. The new look for Abbey is certainly very different… but I’m doubtful whether the reality of the Abbey can change as fast as their colour scheme and logo. Indeed, is it really human to expect a culture to change in that kind of dramatic way?

Still, the ambitions are interesting.

We’re starting a revolution with the aim of democratising money – helping everyone, not just the privileged few, get on top of their money

Now that sounds interesting, and potentially a refreshing change of strategy if it’s true. It will be interesting to see how these very high-sounding principles operate in the real world.

What’s missing, for me, is any acknowledgement of the bank’s recent difficult past. Obviously, they want to forget it and they want us to forget it. I’m not sure they’ll be able to shed that reputation so easily.

Time will tell!

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