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I’m Johnnie Moore, and I help people work better together

Just back from another extraordinary gathering at Medinge where the community that has produced Beyond Branding meets each summer. I was planning to keep this blog updated from there but I’m afraid I was distracted from the continuous stimluation of the debate. And where else could one sample the multi-culutural exprience of hearing Benny Hill sketches about an Indian interviewing a chinaman presented by a Hong Kong-born New Zealander in response to questions from an Englishman living in Norway?

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Waterfalls and chaos

I linked to this paper on wicked problems the other day and Chris Corrigan commented “there’s a lot in that paper eh?”. Which is true.

Passion branding

Passion brands bring people together based on common interests and excitements. I’m particularly interested in ones created from the bottom up, as opposed to driven by producers concerned mainly with profit.

The volatile chemistry of trust

Interesting research from Stanford suggests that exciting brands get more trusted after making mistakes and putting them right whilst more “sincere” brands start with more trust but lose it more easily. Perhaps the sensible interpretation is that second-guessing customers can be a waste of time!

What brand are you?

Thanks to Matt Tucker at Smith Associates for telling me about What Brand Are You. It strikes me that lots of companies waste money on

Just Undo It?

The AntiBrand: blackSpot sneakers, a project by Adbusters attacks Nike directly. In doing so they take on what has become one of the great icons

Putting humanity into branding

We live in a world of too much marketing and too much branding. People’s faith in advertising has fallen to new lows as we simply

New Abbey

So the Abbey National is rebranding itself this morning. As I write this entry, they are revealing their new look, their shortened name (just “Abbey”)

Sky High Airlines

Jay Allen’s blog linked me to SkyHigh Airlines a spoof site with the motto “Flying More Caring Less”. Nuff said. Turns out to be a

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Releasing the hidden costs of pent up frustrations


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Johnnie Moore

Not blogging

So I’m having a great time here in New York, having lots of great meetings with interesting people kicking around all sorts of interesting ideas. And I notice that whilst

Johnnie Moore

Recession or revolution

Rob has some punchy things to say about the recession suggesting that people simply aren’t going to go back to the kind of jobs they did before. This is not

Johnnie Moore

The day as standard unit of time for events

Why is the day the standard unit of time for so many workshops, trainings and conferences. I think it’s worth questioning. I often find on training that you can have