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offending the training gods

the joys of practice, discovery and resonance
Johnnie Moore

Johnnie Moore

I’m Johnnie Moore, and I help people work better together

Transcript of this video:

I’ve just finished running an online weekly workshop

with my friend Shawn Callahan, where we’ve been experimenting

with running it as what I call a practice group,

rather than a conventional training.

So we have very deliberately not arrived with

an elaborate structure

and teaching points about the subject;

in this case, storytelling.

Rather, we’ve set up a number of experiments

and experiences, which we’ve joined in with,

to just basically play around with what is, what sort

of stories we can tell each other

and how to listen for stories.

And we’ve sometimes had

to slightly bite our tongues when we felt the urge

to teach things, when perhaps there’s been a bit of a period

of confusion in a sense

that people don’t quite know what’s happening

or if they’re learning anything.

And as I often find, when you’re willing to be a bit patient

with confusion, you are rewarded with people coming up

with insights of their own

that you might never have thought of.

And both Shawn and I I think afterwards realise

that we’ve probably learned as much as the participants

from hosting this. Now that would

probably offend the training Gods ‘cos

surely we are meant to be the ones imparting the,

the experts imparting the knowledge.

And surely we shouldn’t be learning things too.

Well, I disagree.

I actually think that’s quite a good

metric for a practice group.

It shows that we had some skin in the game too,

and that we weren’t just arriving to impart our knowledge,

but to learn things ourselves

and join in a spirit of exploration and discovery

and a willingness to sit a bit with confusion.

And one of the other things I think happens in a group

like that is you get a thing I call resonance.

Something I’ve been paying more attention

to in my life the past year or so.

An example of it would be someone, let’s say me

shares some discovery into the group

and then someone else in the group

repeats it back in their own voice and in their own words.

And hearing them say it in their own way.

I get excited again

as if I’m discovering a little bit more deeply for myself.

So it might, what might look like a straightforward exchange

of information, one with another becomes more than that.

And I think if humans are going to collaborate together

and do a bit better than AI can, we have to be in that,

that territory where we are in that space

of discovery together.

We aren’t just regurgitating the knowledge of the past,

we are creating new knowledge together.

So I’m quite excited by this idea of practice groups

and I’m planning to do more of them.


Photo by vonvix on Unsplash

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