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Olaf Brugman has tried Open Office for 60 days and he’s not going back to Microsoft Office. Seems he’s happy with replacements for Word Excel and Powerpoint.

This is something I’m going to bear in mind when I’m next invited to upgrade. Especially as Microsoft expect me to buy a separate copy for my Tablet PC. [UPDATE: Apparently I got this wrong. Marc Orchant comments below that I can have 2 installs. Apologies.]

What might hold me back? Right now, I want to stick with Outlook. I love the way my Scoblephone synchs with Outlook and it doesn’t look like I can get that with Thunderbird. Not yet.

If/when that happens, I might feel free to leave MS Office behind.

By the way, it’s annoying that it’s easy to synch Outlook with my phone but a pain in the butt to synch it between PC and Tablet. I don’t feel like paying for a separate program to do it, on top of having to buy the program twice in the first place.

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