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Johnnie Moore

Johnnie Moore

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I’m becoming more and more enthusiastic about Skype (the peer-to-peer voice conversation over the net thingy). Stuart Henshall blogs a lot about it and I agree with him: this is much more than a cheaper way to make a phone call. (Consider his entry here).

I’ve been a light user so far but have used it to talk to folks in Australia and New York and got pretty remarkable voice quality. This morning Jen from Mutual Marketing signed up and we had a great chat. These conversations become more like chats with people in the same building. I feel the qualitative difference in sound quality makes these a different category of communcation from a phone call. I shan’t bother analysing why (Stuart does this really well in his blog) – I just know that the experience is very different and more satisfying.

Hitherto I’ve not left Skype always on but from Stuart I can see that this adds a further dimension.

I’m one of the ever-expanding number of “portfolio people” trying to make satisfactory sense of how to work effectively in an overstimulated, conversation economy. I feel that Skype is one of the building blocks that makes collaboration more effective and opens new possibilities for working together.

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