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Sometimes, copying can’t be helped

Johnnie Moore

Johnnie Moore

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I’m thinking about grabbing a fresh juicy lemon, and biting straight into it.

Just the thought makes things happen inside my mouth… and I suspect things are happening inside your mouth too. It’s a mirror neuron thing; we can’t help but copy each other. (As Mark has been exploring for some time now)

Anyhow, this morning I saw an ad on the tube for the law society. It was about finding a good lawyer and had the headline “Help, I need somebody”. And elsewhere was the line “not just anybody”.

I noticed that a significant area at the bottom of the poster was used to attribute these words to Lennon and McCartney and acknowledge the rights of various big companies to them.

Well, I’d expect lawyers to be super-careful and I’m sure this is legally wise.

Any yet.. releasing a catchy lyric into the atmosphere is in some ways like biting on a lemon. People won’t be able to help themselves picking it up and carrying it. I feel sad that a passing reference to a tune over 40 years old still requires this kind of boilerplate, and at some level I think it diminishes us as a society. I don’t have any simple answers to any of the tangled issues this raises, but I just think things have gone a bit far.

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