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The role of connection in innovation

Johnnie Moore

Johnnie Moore

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Amy Veltman of On Your Feet spotted this display at MOMA and shared them with me by email.


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The joy of conversation

I’ve just had a delightful meeting with Emma Cahill co-founder of publishing house Snowbooks. They describe their approach thus: We publish far fewer titles than


I’ve been doing a lot of thinking – and worrying – about collaboration. I think the ability to collaborate effectively is becoming ever more essential

Thinking or Doing?

I spend too much time thinking. A friend revealed to me recently that he would describe me to acquaintances as a brain on a stick.

Denham Gray on the unspoken

No sooner do I finish my last blog than I stumble on Denham Grey’s eloquent thoughts: Wonder if you can really capture tacit knowledge by

Speaking the unspoken

I’ve been thinking a lot about what goes unspoken in the world in general and in my little slice of it in particular. There I

Upcoming events

I’ve always really enjoyed speaking in public. Don’t know why, just do. So I’m chuffed that a couple of interesting events have come up for

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Emotional debt

Releasing the hidden costs of pent up frustrations


Finding the aliveness below the surface of stuck

Johnnie Moore


Warning: Esoteric post follows. Over the last few years I’ve become more and more interested in the power of presence in working with people though I often steer clear of

Johnnie Moore


I think there are way too many really bad diagrams in the world of organisations. Visual explanations can be extremely useful and effective. The famous London Underground map is a

Johnnie Moore

Engineering serendipity

I went along to 100% Open‘s networking event in London. There were lots of short talks and plenty of animated conversations after the formal bit. The stand out moment for

Johnnie Moore

Business as not quite usual

I’ve just been out shopping. The roads round here are fairly quiet but there are plenty of pedestrians presumably displaced from public transport. Most of the buses that normally stream