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Denham Gray on the unspoken

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No sooner do I finish my last blog than I stumble on Denham Grey’s eloquent thoughts:

Wonder if you can really capture tacit knowledge by mining digital text, e-mails blogs, IM scripts and bulletin board posts? – I think tacit knowledge is something deeper it needs proximity, large bandwidth, immersion and social realtionships to be acquired, appreciated and adopted

Another reason to get out more!

Denham continues

By most estimates, the largest part of organizational knowledge escapes awareness, notice and conversation, it slips beneath the collective radar, avoids codification, escapes validation and remains undiscovered by traditional knowledge mapping activities. In standardizing knowledge, processes and language, firms may strive for a strategy that is superficial and achieve a shallow security.

Many times key knowledge which imparts competitive advantage does not come from formal explicit, codified stuff such as patents, trade secrets, documented industrial processes or insightful leadership memos, rather the key knowledge comes from socialization and collective practice.

I love this stuff. I am so weary of consultants peddling their clever processes which often trample over the subtle stuff that goes on, unnoticed and often unvalued, between human beings. That’s why, when push comes to shove, I avoid using NLP approaches and put more effort in just being fully present to relationships.

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