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Loved this from Chris Corrigan:

I see it all the time where cultivated and well-raised people stumble in the wild land of chaos and open space. Whether it is the tourist in the forest who complains against the mud or the leader in an organization community or country (like Egypt) who clings to the illusion of confidence and control and who cannot make friends with the wild and the chaotic.

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Quotes for the day

Both of these are lifted from Dave Snowden’s presentation on contextual complexity. Nasrudin found a weary falcon sitting one day on his window-sill. He had never seen a bird like

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links for 2010-12-10

How many leaks does it take to become a threat to humanity? – By Stephen M. Walt | Stephen M. Walt "the more I think about it the less obvious

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Singing from the same songsheet

[Dept of unapologetic recycling of blog posts] Some time ago I posted about a paper on wicked problems. The paper seems to have vanished from its online space but I

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links for 2010-05-15

The imperfect universe: Goodbye, theory of everything – opinion – 10 May 2010 – New Scientist "Ever since the discovery of parity violation in the weak interaction over 50 years