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Johnnie Moore

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IMAG0142.jpgAs if yesterday wasn’t going well enough there was one more bit of satisfying spontaneity. Wandering through Sydney towards a rail station, I stumbled on a street performance by these guys: The Wildhearts.

During the day our group had been talking about the value of commitment in improv games (and life). Now, as I headed for the airport here were some guys who really embodied that. It takes some cojones to stand on a crowded street corner in a big city and play your heart out. I stayed for about 6 songs and loved it… not just the music, but the passion… and not just the band, but the reactions they generated from the crowds. I reckon they shifted about 15 copies of their $10 CD in the few minutes I was there, as well as quite a few donations. And made some people’s lives that bit brighter.


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