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Analysis paralysis…

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Johnnie Moore

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“The only humans who analyse all the data and then make a rational choice are autistic but economists insist this is the way we all work.”

Dave Snowden, quoted by Lee from Headshift in this post: Peripheral vision and ambient knowledge. Lee does a nice review of Snowden’s performance.

(I see Headshift now offer a fat RSS feed, with comments and trackbacks. Good job!)

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Johnnie Moore

Fooled by randomness

Stephen Downes has a terrific post about selective attraction. It’s a warning against ascribing magical properties to people and things that get to the top of popularity. He describes an

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links for 2006-04-02

The TrueTalk Blog: Red Sky at Night…Lutz’s Delight Tom Guarriello follows the GM Fastlane Blog closely. Here he focusses on reader appreciation of the openness of the format quoting one

Johnnie Moore

The social life of entrepreneurs…

For many decades first in the Tatler and then Harpers & Queen there was a regular column called Jennifer’s Diary, a cut-glass chronicle of the author’s continuous social whirl among

Johnnie Moore

The creative “process”

Adriana spotted this (via Ugly Doggy) and it made me laugh (and want to cry, a little.) And if you liked that you’ll forgive me for reminding you of this