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Alan Singer in Australia highlights this quote from an article in The Age.

What are television email, chat rooms and blogs if not our lonely selves reaching out for comfort, approval, feedback and distracting noise?

The lie of each is that we can somehow feel connected by engaging in activities that are, at their heart, isolating. All the page hits, crowded in-boxes and voice mails cannot disguise the fact that when the power is off, we are alone.

It’s a good argument. Perhaps this is part of what Stuart Henshall is responding to as he thinks of giving up traditional blogging. Stuart’s post has been rattling round in my brain for a couple of days and I think there’s something in it.

Blogging is cool and I enjoy doing it.

And I also want a way to get more of a dialogue (a la David Bohm). This blog, like many others, easily slides into conversations which are talking or reloading. It’s harder to get that spirit of thinking together. Stuart is a big fan of Skype and talks a lot about presence which has much to do with what makes dialogue work. Something beyond the bits and bytes on the page. I wonder if I can get more of that sense of deep connection with blogging… let’s hope Stuart helps us come up with something.


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