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Book available in print-on-demand format

Johnnie Moore

Johnnie Moore

I’m Johnnie Moore, and I help people work better together

Viv and I have been beavering away on alternative versions of our book, Creative Facilitation


Our book is now available in A4 print-on-demand format from Lulu. It costs £15 that way in colour and coil bound. Click here for the Lulu version.

Free formats

It’s available free in eBook formats:

Here it is in ePub format, suited to things like Kobo, Nook and loads of others listed here.

And here it is in .mobi, for Kindle lovers.

For tablet users, this is probably best: A pdf one-page-at-a-view

If you want to print the book yourself, here are high-res pdfs for the cover and contents.

We’re publishing with a Creative Commons attribution, share-alike licence. Enjoy!


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I’ve been thinking a lot about that Gutenberg Parenthesis idea. I think we have inadvertently allowed the linear format of the printed book to be the gold standard for intelligence.