Honesty in market research

I just swapped emails with Tony Hufflett of The Fat Group. They’re trying to shake up the dull old world of market research; it certainly needs shaking up. I thought this was an interesting point they make on their site about the honesty of responses to surveys. There is room for respondent dishonesty in any […]

Market research pratfalls

Tom Hamilton had me laughing this morning with this comment. I spent much of yesterday travelling from London to Leeds and back by train and on the return journey I was handed a market research questionnaire for me to fill in to tell GNER what I thought of various aspects of their service. It included […]

Measuring emotion?

The always interesting ecustomerserviceworld newsletter (I think that link is valid for two weeks) talks about Gallup’s survey methods. One Gallup study demonstrated that a mid-sized bank could add $256 million to its total of customer balances on deposit by drawing higher (emotional) attachment scores from 50 000 customers. Reading this reminds me of Denis […]

Market research: a waste of talent?

I took part in a market research street interview on Friday. I was ushered into a room over a pub and was sat in front of a Tablet PC. It seems these days, after you’ve been recruited, they don’t even interview you. You have to sit and answer multiple choice questions on a PC. The […]

Benchmarking and abstraction

Seth’s having a pop at benchmarking and I agree with him. It’s all too easy to look at numbers and not allow ourselves to explore the richness and subtlety of human experience.

The flaws of focus groups

A good article from the Market Research industry trade mag highlights some of the pitfalls of focus groups – how sometimes they reduce the sense of connection with the customer.

Opining for Money

Last night I was paid to take part in a panel of experts (who me?) to give feedback to a financial brand about the trends we saw, their future strategy, blah blah. I met some interesting people and we talked and talked. Most of it was conducted focus-group style behind a one-way mirror and the […]

Blogging at tipping point?

Jennifer Rice first pointed to these stats on blogging a few days ago. Jennifer and I were chatting about them on the phone yesterday, and Robert Paterson highlights the same story with the heading Blogging – Tipped? The stats are interesting. As a professional researcher I take all of these numbers with a pinch of […]

Overwhelm? What overwhelm? (And more on complexity)

Ton Zijlstra has done an eloquent blog Every Signal Starts Out As Noise. He argues, provocatively, Why do we call information and data coming to us noise? Because we know not all that stuff is useful, we label the unuseful stuff as noise. And because of the tilted signal to noise ratio we perceive, i.e. […]