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I’ve learnt a lot from Rob Poynton in a few meetings and Skype chats and from his book.

So when he raved to Mark and me about a workshop he’d attended, in which non-musicians explore what it’s like to conduct a choir, we paid attention. In fact, we encouraged Rob to get the workshop leader, Peter Hanke, over to London so we could have a go ourselves.

As result, on November 2nd, Peter and Rob are hosting Communication as a Performing Art. Here’s a bit of the blurb:

Conductors have to express themselves bodily, communicating with the singers only through gesture and movement, so the act of conducting provides a medium through which to observe oneself. How we express ourselves in this unfamiliar situation, untainted by rational thoughts, knowledge or words reveals insights about aspects of our selves and how we communicate that are hard to come by with conventional methods.

From what Rob told me, this is an amazing experience. It has had a profound impact on many people attending, in ways few of them expected.

So I’m willingly paying the £250 cost to be part of it. I’d encourage you to join us.

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