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Johnnie Moore

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My first cringe came about 20 seconds into this. See how long you can endure.

The rest was a bit like watching Dr Who as a child. Those Ernst and Young folk are clearly made of… sterner stuff. Hat Tip: Lloyd and Ben Casnocha

Update: Over time I’ve trained myself to watch the whole thing. It is truly hilarious. Highlights for me are the repeated reappearances of the mysterious bearded man with questionable sense of rhythm and the bizarre showing of soup being served in a canteen.

Update 2: The best comment so far is the ersatz-Google-translated version of Armin Karge‘s post on this, which goes: Here are Ernst & Young to to the extreme (Latin: last day of the month) gone and reached gaaanz deeply into the motivation crate. Just love the idea of gaanz in the motivation crate!

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