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Johnnie Moore

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I’ve just arrived in Christchurch New Zealand. The long, long journey (24 hours in 2 legs) was actually quite ok, even though I am completely jetlagged.

I flew with Singapore Airlines and I was pretty impressed. The crew seemed more serene than I’m used to on British and American airlines, and I didn’t experience the kind of stinginess I’ve been getting used to when flying. They offered a pleasant service without either surliness or servility. As if they enjoyed their work and felt comfortable doing it.

In fact while waiting in the departure lounge at Heathrow, I saw the crew in a crocodile line passing through the terminal and they did exude a kind of contentment that made them stand out.

And the seatback entertainment package is pretty cool too!

(I won’t mention the branding guru featured in the inflight magazine. Regular readers will quickly guess who…)

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