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Johnnie Moore

I’m Johnnie Moore, and I help people work better together


Viv and I have been working with some friends on the idea of working at edges.

It strikes me that the most interesting things happen when we are at the edge of our competence and confidence of our comfort zone.

If we get too much beyond that point the level of anxiety and stress overwhelm our enthusiasm and capacity to learn.

Too far inside the comfort zone, and we slip into routines and stop paying full attention.

We’re going to make a little video reel where we ask all sorts of people to share their experiences of edge territory – what’s it like, what have they learnt from it, when do they avoid it etc etc?

We’re shooting in Hoxton, London on April 3rd between 11am and 4pm. We’ll be laying on excellent food and coffee all day and playing host to whoever feels like dropping in for a chat. So if you’re interested in coming along, let me know. I’ll be adding some kind of online booking thingy too at some point.

Big hat tip to Chris Corrigan for the fabulous rock balancing photo.


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