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Harold Jarche has been reviewing his blog from 2004. That’s a fun thing to do I think.

He found this apposite then – and it resonates well for me now. It’s from The Cluetrain Manifesto:

“Fact is we don’t care about business — per se, per diem, au gratin. Given half a chance, we’d burn the whole constellation of obsolete business concepts to the waterline. Cost of sales and bottom lines and profit margins — if you’re a company, that’s your problem. But if you think of yourself as a company, you’ve got much bigger worries. We strongly suggest you repeat the following mantra as often as possible until you feel better: “I am not a company. I am a human being.”

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This story from get richslowly via beyondrivalry,* resonates with me. “After I told my friend Amy Jo about our clutter conversation last week, she shared her own thoughts. ‘We each