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Even more on “What is marketing?”

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Johnnie Moore

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Jennifer Rice continues this dialogue.

I’ve been thinking about the term “relationship catalyst” as it applies to the marketing department…. I see marketing’s role as catalyzing communication and relationships between stakeholders

I think I like this a little more than my earlier offering of “resolving the conflicting needs and interests of stakeholders”; it encompasses that function but sounds a bit more exciting and a bit less problem-orientated. My take on marketing is strongly influenced by my training in facilitation as well as my more conventional marketing background. I see the two as very closely related. Bad marketing like bad faciliation, tries too hard to make people do things; good marketing, like good facilitation, allows people to realise the value of collaboration…

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Johnnie Moore

Kryptoniter blogs..

Jake McKee spots that Donna Tocci Kryptonite PR person has started blogging. Though I couldn’t actually find any reference to her employer anywhere, which is kinda interesting. UPDATE: Kevin at

Johnnie Moore

Taming the groupies

Hard on the heels of The Wisdom of Crowds comes Steve Davis’ Master Facilitator Journal with a feature on Groupthink. Here’s the summary When Does Groupthink Occur? Group think is

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Technology for being better at being human

Roland at NESTA highlights this great 10 min video of what happened at SiCamp I think this gets across how SiCamp managed to get geeks and non-geeks together, and how

Johnnie Moore

Lost in translation?

Rob May notices that a German court prevents WalMart from banning office romances. Wal-Mart has lost a court appeal to try to legally ban its employees in Germany from having