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Dan Pink highlights Karl Fisch’s approach to teaching: instead of lecturing them in the classroom and giving them homework to explore the subject further he does it the other way round. Students watch his lectures on Youtube in the evening and work the problems in class the next day – where he can support them and they can support each other.

“The idea behind the videos was to flip it. The students can watch it outside of class pause it replay it, view it several times, even mute me if they want,” says Fisch, who emphasises that he didn’t come up with the idea, nor is he the only teacher in the country giving it a try. “That allows us to work on what we used to do as homework when I’m they’re to help students and they’re there to help each other.”

Brilliant. And let’s replicate this outside the classroom – especially at conference where the tired, lame convention of keynote speeches could do with similar treatment.

Hat tip: Adriana Lukas

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