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Well after Dave Snowden’s free book chapter yesterday today some other great bloggers are sharing their ideas in little books.

From Canada, Chris Corrigan offers us the Tao of Open Space. Chris inspires me and this little book evokes the paradoxical excitement and challenge of the Open Space process. Snippet:

The key to holding space is letting go of your self and becoming unattached from the work. If you can’t do this, then people will blame you for their failures and praise you for their successes. Neither condition is fair.

When you walk the circle, when you sit with the process, watch that your body language does not say I am in charge. Align your actions with your statements, and your being with the invitation you have just issued.

Across the Pacific, the Anecdote boys are giving away The Ultimate Guide to Anecdote Circles. My favourite nuggets in this are… their comment that

Research has shown that the facilitator is often quiet in anecdote circles

… and this quote

What happens is fact, not truth. Truth is what we think about what happens.

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