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I’ve been thinking a lot lately about games and their relevance to organisations. Online gaming is massive and I’m intrigued by what these games provide that so engages their participants. And I wonder: could our organisations do with some of it? I’m also a big fan of using things like improv in groups and seeing how an approach based on games can help people to collaborate more effectively. There’s something about how apparently “pointless” games create more interest than meetings about supposedly important subjects.

Another thing that has really struck me is the story of a friend of mine who works in the care system. He doesn’t like video games but decided to learn to play as a way to better relate to his young clients. He decided not to be dismissive of games but chose to engage.

Anyhow, my friend David Lundblad and I are gathering together a few people who are interested in this topic for a chat. We’re calling Gaming for Good for now. This will be informal and we’ll see where we go from there.

We’re meeting on Wednesday 16 April 4pm-6pm and possibly afterwards in the pub.

UPDATE: I’m pleased that those nice people at NESTA are going to host us. If you want to come, please go to this registration page.

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