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Hidden assumptions

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Thanks to Jason McDonald for finding this brilliant clip:

What a great example of spotting an assumption everyone makes about how a game is played. Viv and I sometimes talk about the tyranny of effort where we are trying so hard that we don’t spot simple, less manic solutions to problems.

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links for 2011-09-13

Will copyright extensions ever end? – Telegraph The establishment protects itself pretending to be looking after the little guy.

Johnnie Moore

Improving Conferences

Chris Corrigan has posted some interesting ideas about improving conferences partly prompted by my recent comments on this subject. I like his description of keynote facilitation: The keynote facilitator combines

Johnnie Moore

Shadow conversations…

I was chatting with Tony yesterday about “shadow conversations”. I’ve noticed that when I’m talking about Beyond Branding and its agenda of increasing integrity, I keep getting told something like

Johnnie Moore

Design thinking

I’ve never really warmed to the term “design thinking” so I agree with some of what Don Norman says here: Design Thinking: Useful Myth. Design thinking is a public relations