Johnnie Moore

Improv in New York

Johnnie Moore

Johnnie Moore

I’m Johnnie Moore, and I help people work better together

The Applied Improv Network is hosting a free gathering in New York on May 21st. If you’re interested in improv this is a great opportunity to learn more and have some fun with kindred spirits.

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Johnnie Moore

Reviews of More Space

Jackie Huba at Church of the Customer has nice things to say about More Space The best business books are those that cause us to think differently and if they’re

Johnnie Moore


I looked up the Love Police on youtube following a tip from Euan. Here they are visiting Canary Wharf to challenge amongst other things, the status of private security guards

Johnnie Moore

Bacteria talking

A friend at NPR pointed me to this fascinatiing story (read or listen): A Biologist’s Listening Guide to Bacteria. A scientist discovers how bacteria talk to each other so they

Johnnie Moore

Advertising and manipulation

Still on the subject of obesity and advertising here’s a thought provoking section of a report in yesterday’s Evening Standard (London evening paper). The ultimatum came as extraordinary new evidence