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Improv: more than laughter…

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John Moore at Brand Autopsy and I have been having a good email conversation about Improv in marketing. I was delighted to discover that he and his fellow coroner are big fans of Improv and have worked to use it more in organisations. I thought I’d open the conversation up…

John made this point

The conventional business set seems to immediately connect Improv with comedy/humor. One can’t blame them. Most, if not all of the improv business folks have experienced has been from a comedy act comedic television show, or an offsite corporate retreat game involving Improv which is used as a funny icebreaker “get your mind loose” activity.

Before gaining a better understanding that Improv is more about listening and reacting than about delivering on an off-the-cuff punchline, I too associated Improv with more with comedy

I think John’s identified a view of Improv that means organisations are likely to overlook much of its value.

Of course, I want to say that I

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