Intuitive/Perceiving vs Sensing/Judging

Johnnie Moore

Johnnie Moore

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Tony Goodson has an interesting take on the success of the Olympics in Athens:

Did the Athens Olympics go well? You bet they did. Was there a big stink and lots gloating going on 100 days before the Olympics and with the countdown? Yes. So what happened?

I’ll tell you what happened. It’s the difference between SJ and NP. Yes, you Myers Briggs people know what I’m talking about.

Greece is very NP. Intuitive and Perceiving. They leave task completion and planning to the last minute and take an intuitive approach to it.

Australia is SJ. Sensing and Judgement. Lots of planning and pre-planning, and what are my five senses telling me.

They both succeeded. So just a note to those SJs, that an NP approach can work and last minute completion is sometimes ok. Much as you hate to hear this, and gloat, and predict gloom and doom, for not having lots and lots of planning.

You don’t think there’s a place for a bit of spontaneity do you?

I’m hopelessly biased of course, falling into the INFP pattern myself. Not that these typologies should be taken too seriously…


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