Johnnie Moore

Is your future in the present?

Johnnie Moore

Johnnie Moore

I’m Johnnie Moore, and I help people work better together

… a question prompted by Chris Corrigan’s excellent story About Seeing. Chris relates how the experience of facilitating Open Space created a vision for the future. Something about this story really touches me.

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There’s more potential in each moment than we realise

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Johnnie Moore

Show me the change

My friend Geoff Brown has done a good write up for the Show Me The Change Conference in Melbourne this May. I’m looking forward to taking part not least because

Johnnie Moore

Grooming or bullying?

I found myself making this point to someone the other day and thought I’d share it here. Conversation is NEVER just about the content it’s connected to grooming. What we

Johnnie Moore

Marketing morals

Tom Asacker expresses his frustration with the marketing profession citing the thought that marketing is the devil. In particular, he takes exception to US Army advertising by sponsoring sports matches.

Johnnie Moore

Doing “nothing”

Stuey the Coach introduced me to a nice piece of jargon from the sports world: in-task silence. That’s where the coach watches his player(s) but doesn’t actively intervene. Whilst this