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John Wayne’s teeth

Johnnie Moore

Johnnie Moore

I’m Johnnie Moore, and I help people work better together

Jack Zen has an intriguing post linking John Wayne’s teeth to thoughts about leadership or rather our delusions about it. He offers this thought which I like, at least I like the practice it relates to. I’ll take a pass on how it’s labelled.

In all of the communities I’m working with around the country more and more people get that leader is convener of new conversations. Period.

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Johnnie Moore

Locked out radio workers turn to podcasts

Chris Corrigan reckons..the podcasts produced by the locked out employees of CBC are far far better than the crap produced by the locked in managers. We live in interesting times.

Johnnie Moore

Another jab

The brothers JibJab have released another raucous animation (you can download Good to be in DC from their website). taking the mickey out of the US election. Not quite on

Johnnie Moore

Invisible leadership

Lisa Haneberg: Invisible leadership feels more like doing the best things without yielding power. Invisible leaders influence the system and people by being a partner.  “A leader is most effective

Johnnie Moore

The Gift

Thanks to Rob Paterson for pointing to this. Got me near to crying.