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Johnnie Moore

Johnnie Moore

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I’m running a new workshop with my friend Alan Moore. Crafting Beautiful Businesses is on 27 September in London.

The words beauty and business sound an unlikely pairing. Business is about hard facts, isn’t it? And beauty, that’s for artists and aesthetes isn’t it? How could the idea of beauty have much to do with success in the rough and tumble of business? Leave Michelangelo in Rome, we’ve got work to do, right?

But as we say in the event blurb

The search for beauty challenges you to see more deeply. By focusing on beauty you are not being soft or touchy-feely; on the contrary, you are demanding rigour and discipline. As philosopher poet Ralph Waldo Emerson put it, “Beauty gets us out of surfaces and into the foundation of things”. It’s not an escape from reality, but an intimate embrace of it.

Alan’s new book, Why beauty is the key to everything explores how the idea of beauty can be seen at the heart of many thriving businesses – because it’s close to the heart of things that motivate and inspire us.

One of the many examples Alan uses is Blitz Motorcycles in Paris. A thriving workshop that makes new bikes from old. Nothing namby pamby about that. When you use beauty as a filter for your business, you’re might be surprised what you discover.

seasonedjune323064We’re using one my favourite venues, an old church in Bishopsgate, and we’re intending this to be a workshop that isn’t business-as-usual. Alan’s bringing his lifetime’s experience of creativity at work, and I’ll be focussed on facilitating an engaging, inspiring day.

Full details are here on Eventbrite. The early bird rate is £250 plus VAT until 15 August. After that it’s £300 plus VAT.

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