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I’m Johnnie Moore, and I help people work better together

Rob pointed me to this remarkable site which zooms in from 10 million light years away from the Milky Way down to the quarks on an oak leaf in Florida. Watch this and you mght think what was that thing I was worrying about just now that seemed so important?

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Rambling thoughts on models

I went down to Surrey on Friday for long walk and pub lunch with Neil Perkin. We’d originally planned to run a workshop about agile

Planning as drowning

Antonio Dias offers a fascinating description of what goes wrong when drowning: What separates a swimmer from someone drowning is the way a swimmer acknowledges

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Viv picks out some nice ideas from Phelim McDermott on the subject of leadership. “We love the security of the illusion that someone is in

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I’ve been thinking about the urge to scale things lately – see here and here. I understand the concern with being able to effect big

The absurd

In moving house, I radically downsized my collection of books which I can highly recommend. I used to think I’d one day find a reason

Rewriting history…

Thanks to my Improvisation friend Kelsey Flynn I rambled into a letter cited in Margaret Cho’s Blog (go to Letter #1): Lately it seems like

Who says fun is dangerous?

I wanted to share this email doing the rounds this morning… AIRCRAFT MAINTENANCE After every flight Qantas pilots fill out a form called a gripe

And I thought there was only one

Suddenly there’s another John Moore marketing blog. I realise I’m a bit of an addict for this, but this latest is not mine. It’s produced

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Johnnie Moore


Oh the joys of the mashup. Check out Brokeback to the Future.(Hat tip to Richard Gayle)

Johnnie Moore

The Fosbury Flop

Another great post by Rob Paterson: Why change is difficult – The story of the Fosbury Flop. Reminds me of the Machiavelli quote There is nothing more difficult to take

Johnnie Moore

Gaming and life

Stephanie West Allen emailed me a link to this article: game developers can induce happiness. I’ve been thinking a lot about whether the fun and engagment of online gaming could

Johnnie Moore

Good service

I feel heartened by this post from Annette Clancy: Thank you Iarnród Éireann