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It never occurred to me that QR codes could be useful in meetings. But then Stu Field got me thinking about it. He’s been experimenting with using them to make it easier for students to pursue links from his lectures. Could save a lot of time on laborious spelling out of web addresses.

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Johnnie Moore

Foxy Marketing

Good article: Crazy like a Firefox on the rise of open source marketing. (via Doc Searls) (Also see James Cherkoff’s’ good primer on the phenomenon.)

Johnnie Moore

Barrista Bankers

In New York I stumbled upon a bright orange cafe. Ok you might think, just another caffeine-bazaar in garish colours. But no, this turns out to be the retail operation

Johnnie Moore


This comment from BuzzMachine… by Jeff Jarvis… Media is getting personal Perhaps it’s as simple as that. Media was institutional. Now it is personal. By personalizing media, I don’t mean

Johnnie Moore

Memo to CMOs: We’re subjects, not objects

Whilst tweaking copy for our Co-creation Rules Manifesto with James I found myself riffing on the Cluetrain notion that marketing should no longer be done to people… and combining it